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Frequently Asked Questions

Dietary & Allergen information

Are your products vegan?

All our products are 100% vegan. We do not use any dairy or animal products within our blends or at our markets. Please feel free to discuss your dietary restrictions with our team in person should you wish to clarify!

Do your products contain sugar?

All of our products contain zero sugars. This means no natural, artificial sugars or sweeteners. We pride ourselves on producing high quality tea without compromising your health. We believe you should have the right to put what you like into your body. If you like to add sugar at home, go for it! If not, you can trust that we haven’t sneaked anything into your tea.  We recommend using date syrup as a natural sweetener if you love a sweeter chai!

Are your products gluten-free?

Yes, currently all of our products are gluten-free.

What milks do you recommend with your tea?

We prefer to use plant-based milks, our favourite being oat. Our team here have a range of preferences, one of our top contenders is coconut milk for a refreshingly tropical tea best served chilled. Dairy milk works just as well if plant isn’t quite your thing yet!

Support related information

Can I return my product?

We only accept returns if they meet our requirements. Please see the Shipping & Returns page for all the relevant information.

My parcel has not arrived, what can I do?

We’re very sorry to hear that! Please contact us at immediately with all of the details and one of our representatives will assist.

Where are you based?

We are based in London and often have markets scattered across the city and areas of southern England. Check out our social media @wildchaiuk to see where we will be next!


Do you offer wholesale?

Yes we do! We are currently stocked across the USA and UK and are always looking for new stores, cafes and restaurants to showcase our wonderful chai blends. If you are interested in stocking us please email or alternatively you can submit a request through our 'contact us' form.

Are you open to partnerships and collaborations?

Of course! We have been involved in some amazing collaborations & partnerships and are always keen to work with others! If you would love to work with us please submit your query through our online form on the contact us page. Alternatively, you can email us directly on

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