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Welcome to Wild Chai Corporate Services!


Elevate your company's wellness initiatives with our unique offerings tailored to enhance

the wellbeing of your employees. At Wild Chai, we specialise in providing Ayurvedic chai

tastings and dosha readings as part of our corporate services package.

Our Ayurvedic dosha readings offer personalized insights into each individual's mind-body

constitution, helping employees better understand themselves and make informed lifestyle

choices to improve their overall health and productivity. Through this ancient practice, we aim to promote balance and harmony within your workforce.

Additionally, our chai tastings provide a delightful and invigorating experience, allowing employees to indulge in the rich flavors of authentic chai while fostering a sense of community and relaxation. Perfect for team-building events or as a refreshing break during meetings, our chai tastings add a unique touch to your corporate wellness program.

Partner with Wild Chai Corporate Services to create a vibrant and thriving workplace environment where employee wellness is prioritized.


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