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Shop Our Chai 

A perfect blend of spices, black tea and aromas that can help to:


- Alleviate congestion

- Enhance your mood

- Promote mental alertness


 This tea is made from freshly hand-picked tea leaves sourced from the tea plantations of Assam.

With its subtle, yet bold flavor, the Monsoon Hills Tea will provide you with an energizing and refreshing sip of natural goodness. Enjoy a cup of Monsoon Hills Tea for an uplifting, invigorating experience.

Turmeric Shakti is a powerful warm and aromatic blend of turmeric, herbs and spices that helps to:


- Reduce inflammation

- Cleanse toxins

- Boost the immune system

- Fight infections and cold viruses


 Enjoy this delicious latte and get the health benefits of turmeric each day. The blend of spices helps to increase absorption of curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, so that you get the most from your cup. 

Ruby Fort herbal tea is a unique blend of natural ingredients and antioxidants that help to:

- Cool the body

- Stimulate digestion

- Ease bloating symptoms

Making it an ideal choice for those with digestive issues.


With its refreshing flavour, Ruby Fort is the perfect addition to your daily routine. A great tea to kickstart your day and boost your metabolism.

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